Corinna Hitchborn photo Corinna Hitchborn 2023-04-21 1:52:02 PM Our son joined the Sweet House family at 13 months old and we couldn’t have been happier. Shirin and staff cared for him with so much love, care and enthusiasm. They do an incredible job of doing various fun activities (crafts, dancing, singing, playing, yoga), taking the kids on outings (local parks, library, the beach) and providing nutritious homemade meals and snacks. I always knew he was safe, happy and engaged. We are forever thankful for his time at Sweet House and the integral part Shirin and staff played in his development! Thank you!
Clara pucci photo Clara pucci 2021-01-05 2:15:55 AM Thank you so much for being such a fun and loving daycare for my son Paolo. he has been with you since 11 months and now he is almost 2.5 yr old! I know he will miss you all a lot. we will miss all the fun and care you provided from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough. Love, Pucci family.
Clara Pucci photo Clara Pucci 2020-11-24 2:33:08 PM I left my son in the wonderful care of Shirin and her team when he was only 11 months old. They always treated him with so much care as if it were his own son. I know he is in good hands and my son loves attending. The daycare has so many different in-door and out-door activities for the children who have many different interests. Shirin provides snacks and lunch which my son loves! Thank you so much for loving my son.
Mirai Burr photo Mirai Burr 2020-10-26 8:23:51 AM Sweet House has become a second home for our little guy! Shirin and her team are so incredibly welcoming, loving and amazing with the children. Before my son started daycare, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever feel fully safe leaving my child in the care of another. But that worry didn’t last long once he started going there! Shirin takes care of these kids like they are her own. They feel loved and safe. Shirin is very good with taking them all on little adventures almost everyday. Rain or shine, they have tons of fun playing in their fenced in yard, going to local parks, and going for nature walks to the trails and creeks. When they are inside, they enjoy learning, reading, singing, dancing, yoga, and playing in their amazing indoor gym area! The facility is always so clean and organized. And the FOOD! They provide healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks and my son just loves Shirin’s cooking. I couldn’t have asked for a better place and team to look after my son. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a daycare for their little one.
 Jennifer Wallis photo Jennifer Wallis 2020-08-18 1:33:43 AM Our daughter has attended Sweet House for the past year and we are over the moon with Shirin and her team. Children in her care are loved, safe and engaged. As a first time mum, leaving our 14 month old daughter with someone else was a huge hurdle. I know that she is so happy and loved with Shirin and her friends every day. Our daughter literally bounds out of the car, runs down the stairs where she is swept into Shirin's arms every morning. It brings tears to my eyes. There is a focus on both play-based learning and free exploration with lots of space, both indoors and outdoors. Shirin encourages time outside, daily. This can be either in their safe, fenced yard, a walk to the creek or field trips to local parks or attractions. Our daughter's language and small and gross motor skills have flourished in being with her peers and with the thoughtful and caring encouragement of Shirin and her staff. Sweet House provides breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day. This is such a plus for a busy family. Our daughter even asks for 'Shirin rice' on the weekends, she won't eat my rice! I had a friend, who's son now goes to Sweet House as well, research and view over 20 home daycares on the North Shore. She said that Sweet House was by far the cleanest and had the largest indoor playspace - they even have an indoor gym! The facility is incredibly clean. We were very impressed with Shirin and how she has handled the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping our daughter safe. Shirin and her Sweet House team have become part of our family. Our daughter is loved and cared for beyond belief. I could not be happier with our choice in sending our daughter to Sweet House. I recommend Sweet House to everyone I know!
Azita fard photo Azita fard 2020-08-11 4:36:36 PM ‏I find the sweet house family day care as one of the most trustworthy places for children. Shirin behaves affectionately and is extremely patient. I place a high value on this day care because of its safety and its high level amenities. Also, they take children to play ground, gym and library, and they teach a vast range of information to our beloved children. As for food, shirin provides healthy and nutrient diet Yammy and healthy for our little kids 👍❤️ We love you sweetheart Shirin
Navid photo Navid 2020-07-07 7:12:03 AM Sweethouse provides a safe & nurturing service for your peace of mind while you are away from your beloved ones.
Larissa Klassen photo Larissa Klassen 2020-07-07 7:02:49 AM Sweethouse provides activities including crafts, outings, active learning while playing and more! A safe and fun atmosphere for kids to play and learn in. Highly recommend.
Larissa photo Larissa 2020-07-03 9:17:10 AM So grateful for the excellent care provided by Shirin and her staff. A safe, happy, and fun learning environment for kids to grow and play in!
Mahdokht zamanzadeh photo Mahdokht zamanzadeh 2020-07-02 2:27:36 AM We were very fortunate to have found Sweet House daycare for our precious son. Amazing daycare and staff. Each morning my son is greeted with smiles and welcoming hugs and each evening is sent home with memories of a fun filled day. We have always received tons of pictures and videos regarding their daily activities which makes us happy. They care so much about the hygiene and cleaning of the space and provide healthy warm food and snacks. My son is always happy and smiling when I pick him up and even he wants to go to daycare on weekend. I would highly recommend Sweet House daycare to everyone.
Martinrop photo Martinrop 2020-06-23 3:41:14 PM It is very nice to read your site, thank you very much for your work, it's great!
Reihaneh photo Reihaneh 2019-04-20 1:48:37 AM Words cannot even explain how grateful I am with Shirin, Soheila and Roya. They were amazing with my daughter Monica. If you are in need of a Day Care don't hesitate to call Sweet House Family Day Care. They will give the same love, care and comfort to your child the same way as a mother will. They do the cutest project with children, teach them songs, take them to library, playground, gym and do many other things that are wonderful for the children. Their communication with parents is also excellent. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for quality childcare for your little one to check them out.
Chitra Raut photo Chitra Raut 2017-04-24 2:56:32 AM I consider Shirin Rahmani as one of the most caring and trustworthy child care provider. She takes care of my toddler full day with utmost love and affection. She ensures to abide and follow her license and policy guidelines and thus maintains safety and well-being of my child. I consider my child to be fortunate to find a spot at Sweet House Family Child Care. I will recommend Sweet House (Family Child Care) to any parent/caregiver seeking reliable and quality childcare.
Tala Zahedi photo Tala Zahedi 2017-01-18 12:00:00 AM Sweethouse provides a safe & nurturing service for your peace of mind while you are away from your beloved ones. More than just a simple day care, your sweet one starts his/her learning journey with us.