Although I have an open door policy (which means you may visit during the day), I do not encourage parents to drop in. I find that visitors usually cause children to react in an excited manner that does not normally occur when I am alone with the children. I would appreciate you taking my schedule into consideration if you do plan to visit. Please also keep in mind that early afternoon is the best time for giving a call to daycare in order to check up on your child.


It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents, or cry when being dropped off. Please be very brief (no more than 5 minutes) during drop-off times; the longer you prolong the departure the harder it gets. A smile, cheerful good-bye kiss, and a reassuring word that you will be back are all that is needed. In my experience, children are nearly always quick to get involved in play or activities as soon as parents are gone. Please be assured that if your child is having a difficult time settling down and is crying for a long period of time, I will contact you. 
Please be very brief at pick-up times also. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (the parent and the provider), and all the children will test to see if the rules still apply. Some children have a rough time with these transition periods. Please help show your child that you respect me, the rules of my house, and my property by reminding them that the rules still apply when you are around. When you are here with your child, you are expected to discipline your child when their behavior warrants it. If you do not correct him/her, I will enforce my rules, and this is likely to cause a conflict. 
Please bring your child dressed (in weather appropriate clothing) and ready to begin their day.

All children are required to lie down for a rest period in the afternoon. All children must nap, rest or read quietly during this period. Although our nap time may vary depending on our activities on a particular day, usually it is from 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Rest gives everyone a much needed break during the day. If your child has a special blanket or stuffed animal he/she sleeps with please feel free to send it along. I would ask that you please avoid picking up or dropping off your child during nap time, as it disturbs the other children's rest period. If you cannot avoid coming at nap time, please be quiet and considerate of the children who are resting.

The main goal of this child care is to learn while having fun and improving social skills. We will be utilizing a variety of activities to accomplish this goal. Free play, reading, arts and crafts, music/singing, dancing, pretend play, puzzles and educational TV/videos are just some of the activities we will be doing. 
Using the computer as a tool, your child will learn things such as hand/eye coordination, letter and number recognition and colors. We have a variety of preschool programs we use to let the children learn at their own paces. 
We have a large fenced in yard complete with all the equipment necessary to improve large and small motor skills, balance, coordination, & imagination. We also have a special gardening area for children which help them to experience the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time, while observing the cycle of life firsthand. Meanwhile it is a great way to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature. 
One of the other programs that we offer to children is kids’ yoga. Children can derive enormous benefits from yoga. This program help children to enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Meanwhile, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.

As of right now, I do allow the children to bring a special item from home if they would like. If your child has a special blanket or stuffed animal they sleep with they are welcome to bring it. However, I do not encourage children to bring their toys to daycare. Some children are just not ready to share their special toys. I am not responsible for lost or broken toys brought from home .Please provide a pair of inside shoes (with your child’s name written on the inside) that will be left at the center. They will be kept in your child’s own special cubby box. Inside shoes help to keep our floor space clean and allow us to use it for more activities. 
What do I need to send with my child each day? 
Your child’s inside shoes are kept at the center. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather, muddy buddies and rain boots are important for the rain as we do a lot of puddle jumping! Otherwise all you need to send with them is a healthy snack in a labeled snack bag and a labeled water bottle to leave at school or bring back and forth each class. If anything else is ever needed, you will be given plenty of notice beforehand.

The following rules are enforced for the safety and well-being of everyone. There will be no running permitted in the house. Hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, spitting, or pinching other children/infants/adults will NOT be allowed. No standing or climbing on chairs, tables, or furniture. No playing on the steps (either inside or out). No disrespectful language will be used. 
Children and families are welcome in any areas of the home that are used for child care purposes.

My philosophy is that you use discipline to teach a child. I achieve this through love, choices, consistency and firmness. I stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people and respect for property. The children are explained the rules of the child care home frequently so they are all familiar with the guidelines. 
Please keep in mind that there will be disagreements between children. Young children, especially, who are not adept at communication, have a hard time expressing their feelings. Sometimes they hit or throw toys, etc. Although teaching children appropriate behavior is what I will be doing, remember that this behavior is normal in most cases. 
The following methods of discipline will be used; 
Encourage children to solve problems themselves and choose the proper behavior 
Intervention and discussion 
Re-direction to another play area or activity 
Loss of privileges 
Supervision: We have the duty of care to provide adequate supervision of children at all times. Supervision is one of the key requirements in the prevention of accidents and injury throughout the center. It also promotes positive, responsive, and intentional learning environments for children and child care providers. We supervise children to ensure the potential for accidents and injury to children is reduced and the safety for children when participating in excursions. 
• We conduct regular safety checks of the program premises and equipment to remove hazards 
• Position equipment and arrange the environment to allow caregivers to supervise the children’s play, rest, and toilet areas. 
• Know which individuals are authorized to pick-up a child from the program in place of a parent 
• Notice when children arrive and leave the program, ensuring that both arrival and departure times are accurately recorded. 
• Remember where emergency medications, first aid kits, and emergency contact numbers are kept; and monitor children are all at times.

We honor and celebrate all Canada’s major holidays and celebrations in our child center. In addition, we will incorporate other cultural celebrations, as much as we are capable of, out of respect for the children in our program and the diversity of our community. If you would like us to celebrate something meaningful to your family that is not already on our calendar, please let us know at least one month in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If there are celebrations you prefer your child not be involved in, please discuss this with us prior to the date so we can accommodate your preference.

If I feel there is a chronic behavioral issue that needs attention, I will let you know so that you and I are handling it in the same way and your child has continuity in discipline between our homes. These types of behavior might include such things as biting, chronic hitting, etc. Together we will try to find a solution. If your child's behavior prevents me from being able to properly care for the other children, you will be called to remove your child from daycare. If the problem continues, other arrangements for the care of the child will have to be made, for the safety and well-being of all. 
As a home care provider, I have a responsibility by law to recognize and report any evidence of child abuse-physical, emotional or neglect.

Fire drills are held once a month as required by the fire authorities. The Director sounds a bell and the staff follows the emergency evacuation procedure for the center. Staff members have children line up quickly and quietly. They then take a first aid kit, attendance sheets and the children to a designated location to conduct a head count and attendance. The Director gathers emergency cards, keys, and staff in/out sheets; checks all rooms, washrooms and closets; and meets staff at the designated location. The Director also records information from the event: the date and time it took place and how long it took to evacuate everyone. This information is then posted for viewing in the center. Earthquake and fire drills are held once a month. During the drill children are taught to stay away from windows and to “duck, cover and hold” until shaking and or smoke stops. Staff members have children line up quickly and quietly if required to leave the building. They then take a first aid kit, attendance sheets and the children to a designated location to conduct a head count and attendance. In the event of a real fire, earthquake or other emergency, parents (or others listed on their child’s registration form) will be contacted immediately. Our emergency routes are posted in the center. Please make yourself familiar with this information, and be sure to keep your contact information up to date

According to state regulations a provider may not allow a child to enter or remain in care if the child is exhibiting symptoms of acute illness. A child who has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash or other condition contagious to other children, or needing close attention is to be kept at home. Any fever over 100 indicates a transmissible illness and the child must be kept at home. Furthermore, a child with a frequent, active cough and/or a very runny nose needs to be at home. Children who are lethargic, generally not "acting themselves", or are unable to participate fully in our daycare routine, should be kept at home. Your child must be symptom free (without the use of medication) for 24 hours before returning to daycare. Please notify provider any time your child has a contagious condition that they may have exposed another child in provider's care to. 
If your child becomes ill while in my care, I will make the determination as to whether or not the parent is to come for the child. Each case is different and new situations may arise, but in general, aside from obvious symptoms of illness (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) if your child is acting sick, lethargic or too uncomfortable to participate in our normal daycare routine, I will be calling you to come get your child. Please know that when I make that call to you I have done everything I can possibly do, and we have reached a point where parental care is needed. Please do not make me feel guilty if and when I do have to call you to come and get your sick child. If you are called to come for your sick child, you must pick him/her up within one hour. 
I strictly enforce the sickness policy. This is for the wellbeing of all the children and the parents. Exposing the other children in my care to your child's illness starts a cycle of passing the illness throughout all the daycare families enrolled at Home Away From Home, causing many parents to have to miss work to care for their sick child. Also, if you bring your sick child to my daycare and my children or I become sick, then I will be unable to care for your child, At one time or another you will be inconvenienced by your child being sick. It happens to everyone, but you must understand that when your child is sick, they are not allowed to be in my daycare. I cannot offer sick child care. This is a state law. Please remember to save some vacation days just in case you need to stay home with your ill child.


It is the policy to inform parents of the nature and type of routine physical contact their child(ren) will experience while in my care. There is NO physical punishment at my center at any time. It is my belief and practice that children need nurturing, adult physical contact for their care and healthy development. This contact can be described in three ways: 
1) Nurturing: This includes hugs and non-intimate kisses, hand holding, gentle tickling, caring and cuddling. This type of contact is never made against the expressed wishes of the children. 
2) Safety and Guidance: This includes restraining children from harmful situations, separating physically conflicting children, directing children by leading or guiding them and administering first aid to injuries. 
3) Hygienic: This includes face and hand washing, assisting with bathroom duties (as appropriate to the age of the child), diaper changes, examining rashes or unusual marks, nose blowing, applying sun screen and assisting with or conducting necessary clothing changes. 
It is also my belief that it is normal and healthy for children to express affection with their peers. This includes hugs and non-intimate kisses and hand holding. This type of contact is never made against the expressed wishes of the children.

If your child will be away for any reason please notify us as soon as possible, as it may change our daily class planning. Phone call is the best way.

We are required by law to report any suspected or disclosed abuse of a child by anyone to the Ministry for Children and Family Development. In this situation, we are not allowed to notify the child’s parents unless we are instructed to do so by the Ministry.

We have a strict policy of confidentiality. Anything said between staff members, between staff and parents, or between staff and management is kept completely confidential. In addition, we respect the children by not speaking to any other family member about a child that is not theirs. If two children are involved in an incident together, we will explain what happened to the parents without naming the other child.

Here is 2024 /2025 holiday closures:
Summer vacation ; 
 July 22 to August 5 
Re open day care Tuesday Aug 6 

Winter vacation ;
December 20 to January 3 
Reopen daycare Monday January 6 2025